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Hands Full, Inc. provides learning activities that contain introductory content levels, to cater to parents who possess little knowledge of behavior management of children. All continuing education activities are authored and taught by Dr. S.  Yaroslawitz, DSc, OTR/L.   Registration for all continuing education activities provided by Hands Full, Inc. is open to all learners regardless of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, or disability.

The lectures of  Behavior Management of the Normally Developing child ages 0-10, include thorough discussions of pertinent topics such as acceptance of authority, consistency, communication skills, reinforcers, tantrum management, obedience, anger management, eating and feeding, toileting, sleeping, morning and bedtime routines, and sibling rivalry.  Techniques are taught and demonstrated and subsequent difficulties and eventualities are explored in great depth.

The lectures of Behavior Management of the Normally Developing Adolescent, ages 10-18, include comprehensive discussions of pertinent topics such as teenage separation and the adolescent mandate, emotional cognitive development, self-esteem, peer pressure, adolescent dialogue, obedience to positive and negative commands, mission stating, eating disorders, sibling rivalry, value acquisition, limit setting and teenage anger.  Adolescent techniques are broken down into their individual components, thus enabling the parent to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently.

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